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Say Goodbye to Staffing Stress

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself is "Who’s minding the store?" Developing a team of motivated and resourceful employees who can be sustained through thoughtful succession planning is critical to the success of your store—but hiring and developing specialized retail employees is a unique skill not common to higher education.

That’s where we come in. Our team of campus store specialists can provide you with retail staffing expertise that can be pivotal to your store in areas such as customer service, retail planning and systems, marketing and promotion, inventory sourcing and management, and distribution of academic support materials.

Say Hello to Strategic Staffing

quote-left.png Our approach is not to fire everyone who works in your store and replace them with corporately trained clerks. quote-right.png

Our goal is to create a realistic and sustainable staffing plan for your store and provide you with a strong, capable team of knowledgeable and friendly store managers and customer service employees. That may mean developing and cross-training existing employees or recruiting, hiring, and training some new talent. We start by assessing your store’s needs.

staff training

Improved Productivity and Profitability

To determine the staffing and training needs of your store, we look at historical customer traffic patterns, functional requirements, and relevant customer insights and trends identified through research conducted by OnCampus Research, a division of our parent company, The National Association of College Stores. Our strategic evaluation steers us to a staffing and training model that helps you improve employee productivity and increase sales and profitability.


Your Store, Your Choice

    We put our specialized retail knowledge to work for you in two ways:
  • Assessing your existing team, creating a staffing and succession plan, and developing and implementing a cross-training and skills development program for staff that you manage.
  • Providing your store with skilled, cross-trained, and floor-ready talent who we hire and manage.

We also understand the need to staff up during seasonal peaks, and we train temporary employees with the same level of care, enthusiasm, and support that we provide for longer-term employees.

Employees are one of a store's biggest operational costs.
Find out how we can turn them into one of your greatest assets.