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The Benefits of the Campus
Store Collaborative

From lower costs for students to strengthening your institution's brand, find out why the campus store collaborative is the right choice.

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Key Takeaways from our
Student Research

Information on course materials trends, textbook spending, and students' attitudes toward the college store and other purchasing options.

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Independent vs. Lease Store
Contribution Calculator

Use our Independent vs. Lease Store Contribution Calculator to get an estimate of how your store’s net income would compare to the commissions offered in a typical lease contract.

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a wealth of resources and tools at your fingertips

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Collaborative Network of Campus Stores

As part of our collaborative network of campus stores, you are part of a family of like organizations that share information and work together to lower the cost of higher education.

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Access to Research and Insights

You have access to research and insights on student and faculty behavior, the evolution of course materials, and leading practices in store management. All backed by an organization with deep roots in higher education, expertise in retail, and a passion for student success.

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Experience, Explore, and Experiment

You can experience, explore, and experiment at our College Store Innovation Lab — the only one of its kind in the industry — where we test and apply industry firsts, and focus on modernizing campus stores and operations to reflect the digital revolution and the technology-driven trends shaping course materials and student and faculty behaviors.



Gain Insights

OnCampus Research, a division of our parent company, The National Association of College Stores, regularly surveys students and faculty to provide you with insights on their expectations of campus stores and their preferences for textbooks and course materials, merchandise, and more.

Read the Key Findings from Faculty Watch.

Read our Faculty Watch 2015-16 Academic Year: Attitudes and Behaviors toward Course Materials

See Key Findings