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The Three Things Every Campus Store Director Should be Doing Right Now

What you need to track, initiate and know.
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financially healthy campus stores

Six KPIs for Financially Healthy
Campus Stores

Key Performance Indicators to determine if your store is fiscally sound.
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college stores support faculty and students
10 Ways Independent College Stores Support Faculty and Students

Independent campus stores create an environment of success for the entire campus population.
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Independent vs. Lease Store Contribution Calculator

One of the main reasons institutions consider outsourcing their college  bookstore to a corporate lease operator is the expectation that outsourcing will lead to increased revenue for the institution.

Use our Independent vs. Lease Store Contribution Calculator to get an estimate of how your store’s net income would compare to the commissions offered in a typical lease contract.

Independent vs. Lease Store Contribution Calculator


Every five years,
$1 BILLION leaves higher education through corporate leasing programs.

indiCo will keep these dollars on campus through a collaborative business model.


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