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Reduce Inventory and Increase Profitability

Inventory management can be challenging especially for smaller stores that need to order large quantities to meet vendor requirements. But the challenges don’t stop there. You have to anticipate needs based on a changing student demographic, keep up with trends and new products across numerous categories, and find suppliers willing to sell at a cost that allows you to keep pricing low for students while meeting the financial goals of your store.

Inventory Management Simplified

Our inventory management specialists use our cloud-based inventory planning and replenishment software, to evaluate your circumstances and develop a custom inventory plan that gives your store the right quantities of the right merchandise at prices that allow you to make your sales projections. We’ll compare actual sales to your buying and inventory practices and review sales patterns and seasonal trends to develop specific recommendations for your store.

man in warehouse of inventory 

Open to Buy Keeps You Open for Business

Our inventory management system makes sure you have the right amount of items on hand to meet demand and an interesting, ever-changing merchandise mix to keep your store fresh. We provide fact-based planning and category direction so you can focus on providing outstanding customer service, filling web orders, and ensuring that the store is properly stocked and merchandised. Need merchandising support? No problem. We have merchandising specialists who can provide appealing product displays and suggestions on store layout, traffic flow, lighting, signage, and more.

Learn more about our open-to-buy and sales forecasting solutions.

Find out how a better inventory management system and practices
can improve your store's bottom line.