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Evaluating Campus Store Outsourcing Proposals

When an institution considers outsourcing its campus bookstore, it’s critical to add up all the related costs and gain a firm understanding of how sales commissions will be calculated in order to accurately compare contract-management proposals and benefits.

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Four Signs It’s Time to Rethink Your Campus Store

Even though your campus store is running in the black—thanks to a great staff and well-oiled operating procedures—a closer look might reveal telltale clues that changes are in order. Here are four indicators that can provide a reality check for your store.

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From Lease to Independent

Campus Stores Leave the Lease

A number of institutions are choosing to take control of their campus stores again, transitioning from lease back to self-operation to respond to student and faculty needs and strengthen their school’s brand identity.

As administrators seek solutions to encourage retention and improve student success, many are recognizing the influential role played by the campus store in helping to achieve those goals.

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Six KPIs for Financially Healthy Campus Stores

Certain key performance indicators (KPIs) can divulge at a glance whether the campus store is fiscally sound or needs a complete checkup. Track these numbers by month, academic term, and year to ascertain if your store is the picture of financial health:
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