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Social Media is still growing strong, Snapchat most of all



If you want to reach students, social media can’t be overlooked as a communication vehicle. Use is huge and continues to grow: 90% of students have a Facebook account, with 80% visiting the site once or more each day.

However, social media seems to be a compelling double-edged sword for students. While 61% spend one to three hours using social media, 61% feel it consumes too much of their time and 72% get distracted by it while studying.

Facebook and Snapchat dominate

Among social media platforms, Facebook still reigns supreme in both usage and popularity, but Snapchat saw the most growth, with 71% of students currently using it, up from 49% the previous year and 39% the year before that.  Snapchat is now the second most-used social media platform, overtaking Instagram and YouTube. In terms of frequency, students who use Snapchat do so just as much as they use Facebook (80% use daily).

Social media keeps students in touch with friends and family

Students say they’re using social media largely to keep in touch with friends and family and to take a mental break. Depending on the site, they also employ it to stay informed on news and trends, stay relevant with what people are talking about, and for entertainment purposes.


Students willing to interact with brands on social media

On social media, students are primarily interested in receiving coupons and promotions from brands/retailers, along with sales information, funny/entertaining posts, new-product pictures, and information and contests. Ninety-four percent of students indicate they will unfollow a brand or business for a variety of reasons. Their top reasons include:  the business makes too many posts (67%), posts are too repetitive (62%), and posts are only advertisements (54%).


Campus stores have an opportunity to promote their social channels

Only 18% of students report that they connect with their campus store through social media. The leading reason they haven’t connected with their campus store is they never thought to search for the store on social media (80%). Those who have connected with their store rate it a 3.4 out of 5 for social media use. As with other retailers or brands, students would like to see more coupons or promotions from their campus store (73%), as well as contests and information about store events.

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