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Lower the Cost of What Your Students Need To Be Successful

You want to provide your students with a range of course materials options at the lowest cost possible. And you want them to have these materials on the first day of class. indiCo provides this assurance through a variety of course materials sourcing and management services.


indiCo Rentals

Additional services coming soon


We Handle the Complexities, Your Students Reap the Rewards

We remove the inventory management and financial risk from course materials and provide sourcing tools that deliver the most affordable print, digital, and online options to your students.

  • Adoption tools let faculty compare editions, format options, and costs before making their course materials decisions.
  • Comparative sourcing and price negotiation across online marketplaces deliver the lowest costs available on faculty adoptions.
  • A price-comparison tool shows the store‚Äôs price against online options in one easy place for students.

We manage course materials inventory using the latest technology, and deliver management dashboards that include adoption rates, financial status, affordability measurements, and industry comparisons.


No Strings Attached:

You can opt to use our course materials management technology without committing to a book-sourcing agreement that limits your ability to control pricing and affordability.

young man picking out book from library shelf

Structure Management of Your Course Materials in One of Three Ways:

  • An on-campus managed course materials operation
  • A centrally managed sourcing solution that includes a virtual academic support center and in-store sales
  • A virtually managed course materials solution, with online-only sales options for students

Whatever option you choose, your store will benefit from our collaborative buying power and expertise in course materials sourcing, management, pricing, and delivery.

Interested in learning more about these options for your campus?