Student Panel Survey: Jobs and Employment Executive Summary
  graph showing difference between college students and graduated students

Most higher education students enter college with their eye on a future career; what they may not realize is that, in addition to coursework, the jobs they hold during their college years may actually reward them with valuable career preparation, as well.

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Happy-Go-Lucky College Students? Not so Much; Students Struggle with Stress
stressed students

Many people remember their college years as the most carefree time of their life, but apparently that’s not the way students see it. Not today’s students, anyway. In a recent Student Panel survey conducted by OnCampus Research, college students report that their current stress...

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Digital Course Materials Gaining Steam, Slowly
course materials on computer mobile phone and tablet

The market for digital course materials is chugging along; each year slightly more students indicate an appreciation for the portability, accessibility, and searchability afforded by e-books and online course materials.

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Students hold down debt but are concerned about finances

A March 2017 Student Panel monthly survey by NACS OnCampus Research shows last year’s trend on student finances is still in force: A significant number of college students do manage to stave off debt by tapping into a variety of sources to pay for their education and living expenses, including grants/scholarships and working.

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Price, Service, and Discounts Guide Student Shopping Behaviors
  college students shopping

Mass market retailers, like Walmart and Target, remain the most popular shopping destinations among college students, with 87% indicating they shop at discount stores at least once a month, and 24% shopping there on a weekly basis. This is followed closely by grocery stores with 83% visiting them at least once a month.

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Social Media is Still Growing Strong, Snapchat Most of All

college students using snapchat

If you want to reach students, social media can’t be overlooked as a communication vehicle. Use is huge and continues to grow—90% of students have a Facebook account, with 80% visiting the site once or more each day.

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