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indiCo Store Essentials

Transform and Safeguard Your Store

Now you can get the basics you need to outfit your store at prices well below traditional sources.

Use our fixtures to display your merchandise and we’ll provide a complimentary design service to help you arrange the fixtures to make the most of your space and guide customers through your store.

Our marketing service provides bold, visually appealing signage and posters that make your store a shopping destination and alerts customers to new merchandise and sales.

Finally, protect your investment and merchandise with our loss prevention technology and accessories.

See how you can transform your store with indiCo Store Essentials.

Fixtures and Design

Create an atmosphere that motivates customers to explore more in your store by taking advantage of our complimentary design service when you outfit your store with our versatile, quality fixtures. Guide your customers on an engaging journey that will influence their buying behavior—and increase sales.

Loss Prevention

Protect your assets and prevent shoplifting with our affordable loss-prevention hardware, supplies, and accessories. Built for the campus marketplace, these vital anti-theft products will be available for independent campus stores in spring 2018.


With our easy-to-use, low-cost, template-based web platform, you can easily capture your shoppers’ attention and keep them coming back. Ideal to alert customers to promotions, special events, and new or seasonal merchandise.

  • Request store banners, signs, posters, and decals at a fraction of the cost of a traditional printer.
  • Upload your store specific information for customized designs or choose from our many pre-designed samples.
  • Printing and delivery will be handled seamlessly by indiCo.
  • Signage and design options are available for all indiCo Store Essentials fixtures.

Start Outfitting Your Store for Less