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indiCo Lockers

Secure, Accessible Package Delivery

indiCo Lockers further positions your independent store as a campus leader, offering the latest advancements in parcel retrieval technology, and providing a much needed service to the campus community.

Developed in partnership with the world’s largest parcel locker manufacturer, these affordable, automated lockers allow you to:

  • Offer secure, convenient package pickup and returns from your store on a 24/7 basis. Your students can retrieve and return their purchases when it’s convenient for them. You can process when it’s convenient for you.
  • Partner with student services, university housing, the mailroom and other departments to provide a package delivery system that serves the entire campus.
indiCo Lockers Provide Secure, Convenient, 24/7 Access to Secure Parcel Pick-Up. Watch how.

Flexible and Customizable

The 6'x6' lockers are modular and can be expanded as your delivery demand grows. Each locker station includes a variety of sizes to accommodate various sizes of packages and is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. You can customize your lockers with your store or university logo to strengthen your brand.

Pickup Process

Customers are sent a secure code, via email or text message, for access to their packages from a designated locker. Once the delivery has been retrieved, the store receives a confirmation notification. All transactional information is stored in the software.

Model Options: Purchase or Lease

  • Purchase the lockers and retrieval technology (cloud-based software); this option requires a software service agreement and annual maintenance costs.
  • Lease for an affordable monthly fee that covers the lockers, retrieval technology (cloud-based software), and maintenance costs—a cost-effective option for any size store.


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