indiCo Institute

Bring Global Sourcing to Your Campus

This 10-day, experience-based immersion program provides insights into global trade and international alliances. Through the Institute, you will:

  • Learn about higher education collaborations in both academic and student services programs
  • Participate in tours of manufacturing facilities
  • Expand your cultural understanding, and gain important knowledge about the regulatory and business climate affecting global trade.
  • Discover how business has changed in recent years due to new environmental and social policies, modernization and wage increases, and initiatives like One Belt One Road to expand commerce beyond the Chinese borders. 

Who should participate in this international experience?

The indiCo Institute is designed for innovative store directors, managers, and buyers who want to learn first-hand how to set up sourcing channels with Asian manufacturers and explore academic and student service collaborations.

Discover how to expertly source merchandise from Asia.

Where will you visit?

Shanghai and Beijing, China

You’ll travel to factories, meet with local government and commerce officials, and be immersed in the culture to better understand how business is conducted in China.



What will you learn?

You’ll learn how direct importing can benefit your independent store and increase revenue to your campus, either through setting up your own sourcing channel, or collaborating with other attendees to develop an import program. As a graduate fellow, you’ll gain knowledge of:

  • Chinese education system of campus retail and services production and import terminologies
  • Government regulations related to import/export
  • Taxes, tariffs, and other import fees
  • Options for direct import or co-op import
  • Resources available to search for products, suppliers, or agents
  • Private label, sample, and prototype development
  • Social compliance audits, product compliance consulting, and product testing
  • Shipping, logistics, and customs procedures

What learning materials are included?

Booklets, forms, and supplies are included for the hands-on classes.

Who will lead the learning?

We have invited experienced cultural and business leaders to be part of the indiCo Institute faculty.