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OnCampus Research, a division of our parent company, The National Association of College Stores, regularly surveys students and faculty to understand their expectations of campus stores and preferences for textbooks and course materials, merchandise and more.

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indiCo has access to valuable insights on student and faculty preferences on textbooks, course materials and more.

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41K students at 52 campuses

Insights on course materials trends, spending, and attitudes

Student Watch* provides a wealth of information on course material trends, tracks textbook spending, and looks at students' attitudes toward the college store and other purchasing options.

Highlights from the 2015-2016 report include:

  • Seventy-four percent of students prefer the campus store when buying their course materials.
  • Students spent an average of $602 on course materials during the year.
  • Approximately six out of 10 students used at least one digital component, either an e-book or access code, during the fall 2015 term.

These insights, combined with a detailed analysis of your campus, help us develop the right course materials strategy for your store.

*Student Watch™—Attitudes & Behaviors toward Course Materials: 2015-2016 Report

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Read our Key Findings from Student Watch™—Attitudes & Behaviors toward Course Materials: 2015-2016 Report

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Insights on student behaviors

We know key causes of student stress, what they plan to buy, and what they want on social media. Through our Student Panel, we connect with more than 24,000 college students on nearly 400 campuses every month. We understand students and use these insights to create university stores that meet their needs.

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24K students at 400 campuses monthly on everything from stress to social media

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1.5K faculty at 24 institutions
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preferences and choices

Insights on faculty opinions and preferences

From our Faculty Watch report*, we know what faculty think about the campus store and their plans for course materials.

Highlights from the 2016 report include:

  • Thirty-six percent plan to incorporate e-books during the next 12 months.
  • Forty-nine percent believe adaptive learning materials are more effective than printed textbooks.
  • Digital course materials are slowly gaining steam.
  • Only 11% of faculty find e-books more effective than print.

Using these insights and more, we can help your staff adapt to best meet the needs and wants of these key decision makers regarding course materials.

*Faculty Watch 2015-16 Academic Year: Attitudes and Behaviors toward Course Materials

Read the Key Findings from Faculty Watch...

Read our Faculty Watch 2015-16 Academic Year: Attitudes and Behaviors toward Course Materials

See Key Findings